Why I don’t like Kenzie Ziegler

Ok so here is why I hate Kenzie so much:

My little sister named Tess was Kenzie’s biggest fan. Tess was 6 years old and wanted to meet Kenzie soooo badly. When Tess was 4 she was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called Myelofibrosis. Her only wish was to meet Kenzie, and she used her wish from Make A Wish Foundation to meet Kenzie.

She suddenly got super sick the day Kenzie was coming to our house to meet her, and Tess was sent to the hospital. The day with Kenzie had to be rescheduled. It was rescheduled and Tess was going to spend a day with Kenzie in February.

We were all excited – Tess had bought a special dress for her to wear and was all dressed up and super excited to meet Kenzie. We waited at the front door for Kenzie to come. We waited and waited and waited. She never came. We contacted the Make A Wish Foundation and I looked on Instagram and saw a picture that Kenzie had posted – she was back at home, not in New York where I live, and was having a sleepover with her friend Brooke. She had ditched my sister for Brooke. Tess cried and cried.

A week went by and we had heard no news from Kenzie and when she was going to come to us for real. Then suddenly Tess got very sick and was rushed to the emergency room. She was put under intense care, but at only the age of 6, she passed away. The cancer killed her, and she never got to meet Kenzie.

I will never forgive Kenzie for not coming to our house and being with Tess. I cannot forgive her. It’s all too much for me. Tess has been gone for 2 months now, and I hate Kenzie so much for not making my little sister happy. I can’t even believe it all. I don’t even know who I am anymore. But I know that I hate Kenzie.